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“First Page of Google Guaranteed”

by admin on June 11, 2010

seo spainSo many promises and for what? A promised top ranking in Google and a  listing in Google Search on page 1. SEO what’s that?

Ok. The bottom line is that if you can get your business website on page 1 of Google, Yahoo etc you will get more business, if….and this is the most crucial factor…..if you optimize your website for phrases that people are really using to search for businesses like yours.

Want an example to make it clear?

Lets say you own a dental practice. You optimize your website for the search phrase “Joe Smiths Dentist”. You will probably come up on the first page (so long as you are indexed, but there’s another part to consider), at position number one. However, nobody is actually searching for Joe Smiths Dentist, apart from you, your family and your friends! What the public might actually be searching for is “Dentists in Barcelona”.

Do you see the difference? If people aren’t using the phrase you have optimized for, then you will never get any real business, unless you advertise and give out business cards. But what we are talking about here is natural or organic search engine visits, that, once they are established will bring a regular flow of traffic. This is unlike paid advertising, where once you stop, the visitors stop.

Other factors to consider are how you build the stream of visitors to your website. You need to have an “off page” strategy as well as optimizing your website. Basically this means building links back to your websites. These links need to be from authoritative, relevant websites and basically constitute a vote of confidence about your business. The more of these you have, the better Google, Yahoo etc perceive you and your website will rank higher in the search engine results.

It is important to point out that these links should be carefully selected and structured. Chosing the wrong type can be detrimental to your positioning and if they are not set up correctly, they will have little effect on your search engine optimization or SEO.

The bottom line is that SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy and an ongoing process. If you use a complete strategy, then it becomes SEM or Search Engine Marketing, which encompasses things like PPC or Pay Per Click advertising, Web 2.0 as well.

A good SEO company, can help your business immensely and will drive new prospects or visitors to your website. However, once the traffic reaches your website, then the rest is up to you! Converting those prospects into customers is down to how good your website sales process is.

Finally, at Spain SEO, we help you with all aspects of online marketing, SEO and SEM. The reality is that you need to be focused on what you do best i.e. running your business and then let a company or individual like Spain SEO set up and maintain your online marketng function.

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